When You Love Art A Little Too Much

Earlier this year I put a small gallery wall in my living room.  I spent a lot of time thinking about picking art pieces that would all flow together and purchased all black frames. There was so much good art out there though I had a tough time narrowing down  my choices since there was a limited number of places to hang them.  I picked my top ones and hung it up. Since then I still have been eyeing the art that I have pinned wishing to purchase more. The dilemma I was having though is that my thermostat is placed right in the middle of the wall so it is hard to work around it.

Then I had an a-ha moment – what if I put a shelf below it and have the artwork placed around it. Sometimes things are so obvious that you just can’t see them right away… Anyways, my wall measures 73″ wide so initially I planned to purchase 2 shelves that measured 36″ wide making the total 72″. The plan was to put these two shelves next to each other to make one continuous shelf. Since I have one frame that is pretty large I planned to only have two rows of shelving. I was going to save this plan and file it away as a future project *until* I came across build plans to make your own shelf. Intrigued I reviewed it to see what was involved. Not only was the cost super cheap, but each row of shelves could be made with one continuous piece of wood. Yes!

I followed the plans provided by Ana White and got the wood trimmed to size at Home Depot. Then I decided to use the left over paint from my dining room project to help carry the color into the living room.

And here is the finished product – yay! As you can see I now have lots of room to add more artwork to my ledges.

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