Updated Built In Bookcase

Since I have moved into this home I have had my eye on this bookcase. I have always felt like it was an eye sore and wanted it gone. So during my floor installation I asked my contractor to tackle the job. He is such a good sport 😉

So here is what the bookcase looked like before anything was touched… I believe that when the house was initially built back in the 90s the intention was for the homeowner to put their TV on the second shelf since mounted flat screen TVs were not yet popularized. Today though there is absolutely no use for it and it just consumes a lot of wasted space. As an aside I have mounted my TV over my fireplace. The shelves above and below have always been an awkward size as well – too deep and too tall for books and most decorative objects. You can see my solution was to put games up there and the bottom shelf had large mismatched baskets that stored my collection of CDs and DVDs.

My initial vision for this bookcase was to square it out. I am really strong believer of straight corners and having this weird half angled corner always bugged me. However after removing the drywall they discovered that there was a pipe (right exposed section) that jutted out which would prevent them from making a smooth straight corner. To give you some insight there is a 1/2 bath on the other side of the wall. So at this point in the remodel I had two options – bring in a plumber to relocate the pipe OR put the drywall back and make the best of it. I decided to go with the second option for several reasons – I didn’t have a trusted plumber on standby that could drop everything to come tackle this project and I didn’t know how much this was going to cost to fix. You might remember I was also in the process of replacing my flooring at the same time.Reluctantly I decided to have them rebuild the drywall back up. I was super bummed that my dream wasn’t going to happen but I decided I would make the best of the situation and build a better version of the bookcase. In the original version the shelves were super deep – again because I believe it was designed to accommodate a large boxy TV. From my recollection the depth was around 29″. I decided to change the shelving instead to be 16″ deep. I made this decision primarily based on the depth of the DVR. The second thing I did was decided to add some faux shiplap on the back of the inner wall of the bookcase. I also decided to increase the number of shelves from 3 to a total of 6. The final touch was adding the same wood trim to frame it out. It is the same design used with my windows. With all of these changes, the final product was perfect. Now I have a purposeful, chic, well designed bookcase.

And here is the final product styled… So I have to say that while this projects didn’t follow my initial vision for the bookcase, I am very happy with how it all turned out. Since completion I have been slowly adding books, lots of plants (of course) and various decorative items. 

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