Trans Siberian Concert 2015

This year I decided to treat Alex to the Trans Siberian Concert. We have always enjoyed their music around the holidays but neither one of us had seen them before in concert. When we arrived at the venue, I quickly realized this was a very popular event! The place was packed and it took almost an hour to get in because of security. We were seated next to a couple who had attended the concert every year for almost 10 years.

The music varied from all of the variations of Christmas songs the band is known for but they also played new songs from their latest album. I also learned that their musical styles was not just rock but varied from blues to folk like variations. One thing the show was not lacking for pizzazz – throughout the concert, you are flooded with lights, fire, flashing imagery from the LED screens and lots of head banging. Basically a epileptic’s nightmare.

Here is a short video of one of the performances (notice there is fire coming from the ceiling!):

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