Supplies For Your Budding Artists

As a mom, I am always looking for unique & interesting finds online for my child which is why I developed an ongoing list of my favorite things. Whether it is books, toys, clothing, you can bet I am probably looking at it. Check back often to see what I am exploring…

Here is a collection of art supplies and tools I found online for pre-schoolers. They are perfect for your budding artist!

Artist Smocks

Do you remember the boring canvas ones you had growing up? Well times have changed and they have now been updated with the most fashionable fabrics. Below are a few I found that caught my eye.

Crayon Aprons

I recently stumbled across these on Etsy and am smitten with them. The idea is to have your child put their crayons or markers in the designated slots of the apron. Then they wear the apron while coloring. It helps keep the crayons at their fingertips and would work well if you have siblings so you wouldn’t have to hear squabbling about someone taking their marker. The best part is that it is when they are done, you just roll up the apron and call it a day.


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