International Quilt Festival 2011

I have a confession – I have attended quilt festival and quilt market more times than I would like to admit. However my attendance was rarely voluntary; you see my mom has been an avid quilter for the majority of my life. So I frequently attended these functions begrudingly. This year though, there was a shift for me. I took a more serious interest in quilting. I started to see that the quilting I knew growing up was being revolutionized for the next generation.

Revolutionized you ask? Well quilting as a whole is still pretty much the same it has been since the beginning but what has changed is that there has been a jolt of modern design taking place. This modernization is what attracted me to take it more seriously. One of my new favorite fabric designers is Kaffe Fassett. For those of you that are involved in quilting and textile arts, you will notice that the majority of the pictures shown below are from this designer.


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