Project: Fabric Destash – Week 1

I am almost near the end of Week 1 with Project: Fabric Destash! While I have had a lot of success with selling the fabric, it has been overwhelming too. I found out during my first round of shipping that I significantly underestimated the cost of shipping. I am trying my best to keep the cost down for buyers but it is a balancing act. I am certainly learning something new about all the different aspects of shipping! With my Etsy shop all of my items are small and are about the same size so there isn’t much deviation in cost. So you can see how shocking it would be to arrive at the post office with a nearly 7 lb package headed to Canada and have sticker shock… it cost over $38!

I have also had to remind myself that this is a very large project (it could take months to a year before I am complete) so there is no need to aggressively post & attempt to sale new items each day; items will be posted, invoices will be err..invoiced, items will be shipped so there is no need to make this into a marathon.

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