Birthday Party Themes

With birthday season quickly approaching in my household, I thought I would share with you some birthday party themes I am inspired by.

Carnival Themed

Vintage Tea Party Themed

Vintage Toy Themed

Gas Station Themed

Up  (The Movie) Themed

Robot Themed

Supplies For Your Budding Artists

As a mom, I am always looking for unique & interesting finds online for my child which is why I developed an ongoing list of my favorite things. Whether it is books, toys, clothing, you can bet I am probably looking at it. Check back often to see what I am exploring…

Here is a collection of art supplies and tools I found online for pre-schoolers. They are perfect for your budding artist!

Artist Smocks

Do you remember the boring canvas ones you had growing up? Well times have changed and they have now been updated with the most fashionable fabrics. Below are a few I found that caught my eye.

Crayon Aprons

I recently stumbled across these on Etsy and am smitten with them. The idea is to have your child put their crayons or markers in the designated slots of the apron. Then they wear the apron while coloring. It helps keep the crayons at their fingertips and would work well if you have siblings so you wouldn’t have to hear squabbling about someone taking their marker. The best part is that it is when they are done, you just roll up the apron and call it a day.


Education Apps for your iPhone

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4 and am amazed at all of the apps out there, especially for kids. So I thought I would share some my favorite education related apps. So with out further delay, drum roll please….


Swapsies is an app that allows your child to play dress virtually. You first start off by selecting your gender, skin, eye and hair color and then you’re ready to get started. You can choose a profession or create your own – hello village people!



This app allows you create your very own story! My son is about to turn 4 yrs old so I don’t expect him to be able to create his own story. However, this may be a good way to re-iterate a lesson (no biting, consequences, etc.) to your child in an indirect manner. 😉

Here is a video showing how it works:


Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This app is really great at providing quick games in an educational format. Games include identifying letters, counting, matching and puzzles.


Word Wagon

As the title implies, this app is all about building words. There are several things I like about this app – at the most basic level, they help out by telling how the word is spelled so all you have to do is match the letters up and then you can see how it builds a word. Secondly, you can build on to what you have learned by going to the next level.

Mother’s Day Special

Mom – the source of a constant hugs & affection, the person who always know how to cheer you up whether it is by cook your favorite meal or writing you an encouraging note. She is always there to cheer you on for all of your accomplishments no matter how small they are and no matter how many times you screw up in life she is the person who loves you unconditionally. After all she has done for you, why not treat your mom this year to a session with Jennifer Chase Photography? Afterall, she deserves the best!

Our Mother’s Day package includes the following:

  • One hour session with photographer
  • Up to two wardrobe changes
  • Up to 5 people in the session. More people can be added for an additional fee.
  • 20-25 low resolution retouched images. This is the perfect size for sharing on your social media sites or your blog.
  • Travel within 15 miles of the Kingwood area. Additional fees apply for travel outside this area.
  • The location is at the client’s choosing. However I will be happy to provide guidance on choosing one that fits the concept or occassion. Note though that there will be additional fees for shooting on private property or in a studio.

Cost: $200

Contact me today at (832) 527-7462 to set up your session today!