Birthday Session

This session was one of the many inspiration sessions done at the JOLT workshop last week in Dallas. The model, Christian, just recently celebrated her 16th birthday so it only seemed appropriate for that to the theme with her.

Check back next time for more photos from the JOLT workshop!

Meet Emma

Meet Emma… she is a model, graphic designer, knitter and entrepreneur. Oh my! What inspires me about her is that she does not limit herself to being one type of creative person. I am personally guilty of doing this… Until recently I was limiting myself to only be a “photographer”. However I actually enjoy so many other artistic activities. For Emma, she gives herself the freedom to explore various outlets of creativity. For this reason, she inspires me to be less critical of the title I give myself and more on enjoying the activity itself.

Check back again soon for some more photos of Emma modeling for the JOLT workshop.

JOLT | Dallas Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending JOLT, the creative shop last week in Dallas. The workshop was lead by Kelli Trontrel (photographer) and Vanessa Warren (stylist). Together they built a workshop focused on bringing creatives, mostly consistenting of photographers, together to discuss how to better hone your craft. Some of the topics covered in the workshop were social media, branding & collaboration. We also ended the day with a photo shoot styled by the lovely Vanessa.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts where I will share with you photos captured from the session.

To learn more about JOLT and future workshops, check out their blog: