My Fixer Upper Inspired Entryway

As an avid Fixer Upper fan I have been obsessed with the latest season and inspired more than ever to makeover my home. My two favorite houses for Season 3 so far have been Chip 2.0 (Episode 9) and the Peach House (Episode 10). Both houses embrace a simple modern rustic feel making the environment feel organic and relaxed which is why I immediately fell in love with them.

One part of the Chip 2.0 house that I really loved is the entry way of the house. They installed this lovely board and matten molding along with a simple bench and pillow. I also loved how the picture frame was placed on the wall. Normally I would argue that a picture frame should not go there because it is simply not practical. But you know what it works and thus far I haven’t had a problem yet.



I am obsessed with this pillow – the texture of it feels like a handwoven rug.


I took this picture one morning I was on a walk – it was a glorious sunrise!



Details on my home:
Paint: Sherwin Williams Alpaca
Pot: Lowe’s
Bench & Pillow: Home Goods

Life Lessons

As a mom, I am often encountered with things that seem apparently obvious to me though they are not to my son. I have called these life lessons.

One thing my son and I constantly argue about is whether or not his teeth are “clean”. Clean can take on many different meanings and it is fair to say we don’t share the same definition. His varies between a hybrid of running the motor on the toothbrush for about 10 seconds and then topping it off with a swish of mouth rinse. Eww! (Must be said in Jimmy Fallon voice)

Each time I ask to see his teeth I do my hygienist like check and instruct him again to brush all of his teeth. We go through this a couple of times until I finally give up – there is usually lots of whining and complaining.

Life Lesson: Son, you must your teeth thoroughly for a full 2 minutes for it to be considered clean. When brushing you need to brush not only your front teeth but the sides as well as your tongue. I realize this is taking time away from your full list of activities but this needs to be done at a minimum in the morning and the evening.

Brush Your Teeth!

Welcoming Spring

Today I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite plants in my home since we are officially in the Spring season. Bringing these beautiful plants into my home is a passion I have developed over the last year. What I really enjoy about houseplants is that there are so many colors and textures to choose from. They bring such a beauty and tranquility to my home. I encourage you to take a look at the collection of houseplants at your local nursery and consider bringing one home for yourself.

Plant: Aloe

FlowerPot: Purchased from Home Goods


Plant: Silver Ivy



Plant: Various succulents

These were placed on a window ledge in my son’s shower.


Fairy garden made with various houseplants

New Craftsman Window Trim

Some people use extra money to on vacations or new toys, but me? I use my money to update my home. My recent update was to add window trim around all of the windows downstairs. I have to say I was quite stressed about how they were going to turn out because all of my research on Pinterest showed examples of windows without blinds. In addition my blinds came with a plastic molding trim to cover the hardware. None of my Pinterest research (yes, I do call it research) found any with this plastic molding. So I was really concerned about how it would look when it all came together.

In the end my concerns were cast aside when everything came together and I am very happy with the end result.