New Recessed Lighting

Hello! My name is Jennifer Chase and I am addicted to recessed lighting. Whew, there I said it. Since I have updated my kitchen lighting to recessed lighting I have become *slightly* obsessed with it.

What I really love about recessed lighting is how bright it is – it truly brings the whole space to life. You can see in the before photos how the the only lighting for the living room is received from a. the ceiling fan, b. the “eyeball” light pointing at the TV (side note: it was originally intended to be there to showcase artwork when the house was built in the 90’s. So much has changed since then and now we put our TVs where artwork typically goes) or c. spill over from the kitchen which is located on other side of the living room.

Now with the new lights, everything is well lit. I love showing all of my friends and family how such a small change can make the space feel completely different. Even better I have put them on a dimmer as well so we can use that if watching a movie.

I took the recessed lighting obsession one step further and added them in the hallway upstairs. This works wonderful because now I can see ALL of my lovely carpet stains, yay! In all seriousness it looks wonderful and feels “lighter” because the light fixture is no longer there either.

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