My New Thermostat

One of my goals for this year is to make my home a smart home. I am fascinated by the use of technology in the home – from dimming lights to controlling your water sprinklers, there is so much these little gadgets can do to make our homes run more efficiently and with greater ease! And really isn’t that what we all want out of life??

The first smart home device I chose was the Nest thermostat. I was immediately drawn to the super chic design. They also recently released more color options which I absolutely adore – I decided on the copper color. But the thermostat itself gives homeowners the flexibility to check and modify the temperatures from their smart phones. I was particularly interested in having this accessible for those long hot months. I was already dreaming how how I could lower the A/C when I leave work so when I came home it would be nice and cool.

One of my favorite things about the Nest so far though is the ability to have the A/C and Heater temperatures set. What does that mean? Well in Houston we don’t have normal winters like the rest of the US. I would say they are more like bi-polar winters – one day it can be 30 degrees and literally the next day it is 80 degrees. Just another reason I never pack away my summer clothes. But with the Nest thermostat I can say if the temperature drops to say 60 degrees, turn the heater on. And I can also say choose to have the A/C turn on if it gets warmer than 75 degrees. Smart, huh?

Unlike my previous thermostat, I can also check the temperature and adjust it all from my phone. So in the summer if it is a particularly hot day I can always jump on my phone at work and lower it so the dogs don’t get too hot. I can also be super lazy and adjust the temperature when laying on the couch or in bed (which happens a lot).

Stay on the lookout for more posts like this on more smart home devices.

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