How I Lost & Recovered My License

Recently I have started taking evening walks in a neighborhood park. It has lots of gravel pathed trails along wide open fields that weave in and out of lush clusters of trees. The trail also runs parallel next to a lake where you can frequently find people fishing. It has quickly become my new happy place as it gives me the freedom to just let my thoughts wander in a calm environment – a high commodity item for any mom!

One thing I have struggled with on these trips is where I should put my *stuff*. You know the essentials – cell phone, earbuds, sunglasses and of course my drivers license. I have never found a good solution so I have just been stuffing it all in my pockets… can you guess what happens next? Yep, I lost my drivers license. And of course when I discovered it was missing, I was literally steps away from my car at the end of my walk.

On this walk, I decided to go off the trail and meander. Needless to say I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d when I got to my car. I knew though that I had to go back and look for my license. So I took a deep breath and pulled together whatever strength I had left and headed back on the trail to re-trace my steps. With the sun quickly setting, I told myself I would find my license. I envisioned finding it on the trail just waiting there for me to pick it up. Then I got a call from my spouse, she said I have your license. Bewildered, she explained that a couple of teenage girls came by the house with it. In the next 2 minutes my emotions went from confused (how did it get there?), to excited (recovery means I don’t have to go to the DMV to replace!!) and finally gratitude. The teenage girls didn’t leave any contact info so instead I thought I would write a message to them here  – so here it goes…

Thank you so much for taking the time to return my license. You saved me a lot of time from going to the DMV to replace my license. If for some reason, if we ever cross paths again I would love to treat you to a cup of coffee or whatever you drink at Starbucks 😉  Thanks a million!

This is the image I captured when I returned to the trails to look for my license.

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