Life Lessons

As a mom, I am often encountered with things that seem apparently obvious to me though they are not to my son. I have called these life lessons.

One thing my son and I constantly argue about is whether or not his teeth are “clean”. Clean can take on many different meanings and it is fair to say we don’t share the same definition. His varies between a hybrid of running the motor on the toothbrush for about 10 seconds and then topping it off with a swish of mouth rinse. Eww! (Must be said in Jimmy Fallon voice)

Each time I ask to see his teeth I do my hygienist like check and instruct him again to brush all of his teeth. We go through this a couple of times until I finally give up – there is usually lots of whining and complaining.

Life Lesson: Son, you must your teeth thoroughly for a full 2 minutes for it to be considered clean. When brushing you need to brush not only your front teeth but the sides as well as your tongue. I realize this is taking time away from your full list of activities but this needs to be done at a minimum in the morning and the evening.

Brush Your Teeth!

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