Downstairs Flooring Remodel

Last November, I decided to take the plunge and replace ALL of the downstairs flooring to wood tile. I have been wanting to replace the flooring for awhile for several reasons: kids and dogs are messy. Well that is really just one reason but that can spin into a multitude of problems right there. In my previous home I had Pergo laminate flooring throughout the house (except the bathrooms). I choose the laminate because like most Houstonians I have seasonal allergies so wanted to have as little dust as possible. I was also drawn to the easy clean up. The laminate flooring was such a breeze to maintain – spill? no problem just wipe it up. My only beef about the laminate was how it could get damaged if you had an unknown spill there was a possibility of it warping. Overtime I noticed there were some minor superficial scratches made to the floor. I believe these were caused by nails from large dogs and also from scooting furniture around the home. These weren’t major problems but still a little pet peeve.

So when I moved to my current home I wanted to update the flooring to be the same clean surface like the laminate. My criteria for picking out flooring types was pretty simple – it had to be easy to clean and have little to no maintenance. I had been considering purchasing the same exact laminate in the same color but then I saw one day wood tile and I was a changed woman. I loved how the wood tile looks exactly like wood but has no maintenance. I was always concerned about mopping my laminate floors that they may eventually warp so tile eliminated that concern. Also these are really strong floors and really really hard to damage. Needless to say I was sold.

The wood tile I picked out is called Castille Wenque Wood Tile and is available at Floor & Decor. The reason I chose this tile? Really it came down to price. I had been eyeing the Natural Timber Ash Wood Tile at Lowes. However it was $3.99/sq ft and the Castille Wenque was $2.99/sq ft. This is where I press the Easy button. Done and done.

What I love about this tile is that it really does look like wood with so many variations in the color and texture. And the color – it has this soft brown grey color that is a really good neutral base. I picked this because it will go with whatever decor I choose now or in the future. I would also like to think that it would be appealing to future homeowners whenever I sell the home.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I had the tile installed in November 2016. So one question I expect will be asked is how is it holding up? The short answer is it is perfect! But in all fairness, I do want to mention one small issue I noticed during installation that is a known issue amongst installers called “lippage“. Lippage is when the tile are laid down so close together like mine were it creates a small amount of lift in the tile. You will notice the issue when the tile isn’t seamless from one to another piece – it is raised up a smidge. I have done some research on this – some installers say it is because of the length of the tile aka large format tile (mine is 45″ long). While others say it is because the grout line is less than the specified width. You may notice from the pictures the grout is barely if at all visible. I would say it is about 1/16” of an inch.

So that would be my *only* complaint but that is really stretching it for me because at the end of the day I would say it is barely noticeable visually unless you are looking for it. Now if I was a true perfectionist I would pull it all up and have it laid down again. But really it isn’t worth the time and effort. I am truly happy with the results!


In case you want to read more on lippage – here are some additional resources:


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