Dining Room Molding

I love moldings; plain and simple. They add texture and architectural details to homes that are normally not included. I love them so much I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. Over the last year I have updated my downstairs windows with a craftsman window trim and was ready to tackle another molding project. I restored my dining room from a former playroom and decided this would be the best place to tackle it.

Here are my inspiration photos…

What inspired me about these walls was the square shape and the dark grey color. I have been wanting to do a dark moody accent wall but have been struggling to get the courage to go so bold. My current wall color was this beautiful color from Sherwin Williams called Alpaca. It is this perfect pale grey that changes its tone throughout the day. So to go so dark was a little nerve wracking. I explored lots of different paint options but decided to take the plunge into the darkness and picked Cloak Grey by Sherwin Williams. And can I just speak for a minute about how cool this name is? Every time I say it I have this image of a dark evening around the turn of the century. I imagine Jack the Ripper walking the cobblestone streets with the gas lamps on stalking out his next victim. Kind of creepy and eerie but for me it is more intriguing. I think that is what dark moody walls mean to me – mystery and intrigue.

Once the color was decided my amazing sister, Jessica, and I worked on a plan for how to build the molding. So this is a perfect place to pause and insert some opinions… You know all of those DIYers that blog about how you can build these type of molding walls in like 2 hours. Well I am here to say this is not one of those projects. First of all I am an amateur with tools, I left that in the hands of my sister who is more versed. Second we spent most of our time on this project doing the math to make sure every square was evenly spaced. We also ran into an issue with my wall not being level which created some confusion – we decided to make the moldings level visually vs. using the laser level.

If I was to provide a guesstimate on the time spent to build the wall, I would say we probably spent 3 days on it (assuming non-stop 8 hour days). Yep, it was that intense. And again I would say a lot of that time was spent designing each piece and making sure that wood was all evenly spaced out. Once the math was solid the easy part happened – slicing, dicing and screwing it all in. Again all courtesy of my sweet sister. After each piece was securely screwed in each and every squarely was painstakingly caulked. As you will see in the video at the end of the post, the  wall and wood was painted while the wood was being installed – this was my job. 🙂

Just like with any project, we grew from the experience and if we were to do it again I am sure it would go faster. All in all though the final result though was well worth all of the hard work. In the future I will be setting up the rest of my dining room with new lighting, artwork, table and chairs. For now I am just going to relax and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Finally, I thought it would be fun to show a quick look at the wall being built…



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