Buh bye fluorescent tube lighting!

Today I am very excited to share with you a transformation I recently did in my kitchen. Since I moved into my home last year, I have been wanting to get rid of the original lighting in the kitchen. The large spaceship structure that was hovering with fluorescent tubes was not only an eye sore but was not providing ample lighting.


I noticed immediately when the lighting fixture/structure was taken down how it appeared that the ceiling was higher. It felt so much more airy and flowed better with the space.


I decided to add a total of 7 recessed lights that are symmetrically lined up throughout the kitchen. When deciding on the bulb to choose, I read online various concerns from other owners about having to frequently replace light bulbs and the bulbs making the area around it hot. To avoid both of these concerns, I opted to choose the LED light bulbs. Though they are a bit pricier they use less energy and last significantly longer (based on usage of course). Once the drywall was fixed and the ceiling painted, everything all fell into place.

Now the kitchen is not only free of spaceships but there is ample lighting in all areas of the kitchen. I enjoyed this project so much I am planning on updating more of the lighting in my home with recessed lights!

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