Back to School Cake

Let me start off by saying that this back to school “cake” was not my idea. I had seen several on Pinterestand decided it might be fun to make one. I wish I could tell you that this was an easy Sunday afternoon project but that would be a lie. I will tell you though that it did cost around $25 to make as posted by others on various Pinterest posts and that there was a serious amount of duct tape involved.

Here is a breakdown of my supplies in case you are interested in creating your own:

  • 1 roll of paper towels (this is the core of the cake)
  • 7 spiral one subject notebooks ($0.17 at time of purchase)
  • 2 circular cardboard base was part of the packaging from a pizza we had the night before
  • 2 box sets of flashcards ($0.88 at time of purchase)
  • 6 packages of pencils – each package had approximately 10 pencils in there (was $0.38 when purchased)
  • 1 Package of plastic cup tumblers – this was found in the summer section and I picked it because the cups were packaged stacked on top of each other which would help give the cake height
  • 4 Ruler notepads – these were attached on the exterior part of the tumblers mentioned above. ($0.88 at time of purchase)
  • 4 Elmers Glue bottles – attached to the ruler notepad ($0.50 at time of purchase)
  • Rubberbands – These were used to attach everything to together (along with the duct tape). Don’t remember how many were used.
  • Paper (yellow with red apple design) attached to the lower level cardboard part of the cake is actually a border that is intended to go around a teacher’s bulletin board. I cut this up into smaller sizes and layed it out in a collage sort of manner. ($0.88 at time of purchase)
  • Ribbon – approximately 15″ long

So there you have it! I am happy with the result of the cake and though it took some time and was slightly stressful to create, I think it certainly challenged me to be creative in a different way. Good luck in making your own cake!

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